We are Blue Dot Education

Blue Dot Education is a San Diego based non profit and consulting organization.

Our mission is to do human centered work
by designing and providing excellent educational experiences
in the vision of creating a better and more equitable space for all learners.

We offer opportunities for young folks to participate in these types of projects and experiences,
or we can train people to design and run their own.
Please contact us to inquire about any of our programs or offerings

What We Offer

Coaching and Design 

Social and Environmental Justice Projects

Background image by student, Marco Giacomangeli, from our HAB project

Videos from students and participants in our experiences...

Our rocket project!

Projects to Connect to Nature

Poetry/Science/Film Festival

Weather Balloon Introspection

Partnering with NAU's
Assisted Migration Project

Heart of the West -
Student made Investigative Film

Shifting the Narrative for Student Success

Reimagine the classroom with 
the joy of learning and adventure