Brian Delgado

Brian Delgado loves learning. He strives to know a little bit more about the world each day. He has spent the past fifteen years as an educator learning a little bit more about how to inspire young minds to think more critically and more sharply. Whether in science, mathematics, philosophy, kinesthetics, or history, Brian is keen to get to know a person and support them in their holistic growth. Brian wholeheartedly believes that adventure is the secret sauce to life, and that our society and education system have shielded young people from any possibility of them far too intensely. Adventure, and the transformation that happens as a result, may hold the key to a whole new way to explore a science based educational experience for the young.

Mr. Delgado has worked for the past fifteen years in various positions at High Tech High. Prior to that, he held positions at the San Diego Eye Bank and Merck and Co., Inc as a lab rat and proto-engineer, respectively. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters in School Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

When not working, Brian is playing. He loves time with his son Tashi, with family and friends, rock climbing, stretching, reading, anything-ing on or in the ocean, bicycles, walking outside, dancing, music, science, stars, and adventure. Brian’s vision for Blue Dot Education is nothing less than fostering within our students a deep love of nature alongside a framework which supports the growth of curiosity and creative thinking. The beauty that is the exploration of our universe is equally open to every person on this magnificent blue dot.

Andrew Lerario

Since 2006, Andrew Lerario has worked as a progressive teacher, always looking for ways to develop his practice to remain on the frontier of education. He firmly believes that in order to effectively mentor students, he continually needs to push himself as an adult learner. He has grown an enthusiasm for many things – outdoor learning, project based learning (PBL), space science, exploration, and celebrating student achievement. In his spare time, you can often find Andrew geeking out on rockets, telescopes, the latest science news, computers, or planning the next adventure with students.

It took some time for Andrew to develop a deep appreciation of learning. As most people, he went through the traditional school system – K-12 and then college, earning a BS in Chemistry. Although he attended well rated institutions, he did not find the work highly challenging or engaging. This drove him to become an educator, with a motivation to create better experiences for his students. He went back to school to earn a Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, where his mentor, Rob Riordan, pushed him to re-evaluate his understandings of teaching and education. In this transformative effort, Andrew rediscovered his love of learning, and realized that in order to become a better teacher, he must focus on maintaining a continuous effort to become a better person. For Andrew, this means getting students out of the classroom and into nature to share authentic moments that stimulate wonder and curiosity. It means collaborating with colleagues and forward thinkers to dream big about how we can push the boundaries of what we can achieve with students. It fosters his commitment to Blue Dot Education, where he is dedicated to rewriting the educational experience for new generations of curious minds. Our work is to educate global citizens that are compelled, as Carl Sagan puts, “to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot”.

Lee Newlin

An avid science enthusiast that currently resides as our Treasurer, Mr Newlin also serves as our primary benefactor, business guru, key enabler, and overall swell fellow. Mr. Newlin has been the driving force in the establishment of BDE and continues to support our operations, growth and outreach.

Yours Truly,
– The Collective

Adam Borek

Considering himself an experiential learner, Adam’s diverse employment background helps shape his educational philosophy. From his first job as a mechanic’s assistant at the age of fourteen, he has worked as a mason, welder, firefighter, arborist, rock climbing instructor, construction manager, restaurant manager, and now teacher. One common thread has been integral to Adam’s lifestyle since his teenage years and that is working with young people. From providing underprivileged children with opportunities to experience the outdoors in Philadelphia to coaching and mentoring here in San Diego, Adam has enjoyed helping young people experience and learn about the world around them for the last thirteen years. He is proud to call his love of learning and teaching a career at Blue Dot Education and High Tech High.

Climbing, surfing, and exploring are Adam’s passions outside of school.

Wesley Davis

Wesley Davis has a diverse background in the biological sciences and progressive education. Since graduating from California State University, Chico in 2000, he has cloned DNA in Santa Cruz, studied carnivores around Lake Tahoe, made wine in the Napa Valley, and filmed coral reef fish in French Polynesia. In 2005, Wesley earned teaching credentials in mathematics and science and began developing his skills as an educator. Over the past twelve years, Wesley has worked for schools that specialized in project-based learning, social-emotional development, and blended instruction. Through meaningful projects and activities, Wesley strives to cultivate a sense of wonder, belonging, and scientific literacy that will benefit his students for a lifetime.

Mike Strong

Mike is a student and a teacher. He is committed to a life abundant with wonder, awe and relentless “finding out”. He has spent his career drawing inspiration and initiative from the work that young people have done through hands-on projects, integrating sciences and the humanities. Through his 13 years in education, Mike has urged himself and his students to pursue excellence using tools like creativity, critical thinking, empathy and passion to explore the physical and metaphysical world around them. He believes that doing authentic work, filled with opportunity for adventure, ignites relentless learners.

Mike has been a humanities teacher at High Tech High for thirteen years. He has a B.A. in Literature and a minor in Music from Point Loma Nazarene University and a M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. He is mentor and workshop leader in the HTHGSE Education Leadership Academy and a coach in the Stanford School Retool program.

Outside of his work in education, Mike is an avid fisherman, musician and father to his daughter, Poema, and son, Canon. On weekends he can be found singing songs around San Diego and in the summer he “gets lost” fly-fishing in the Sierras. He believes this beautiful blue dot deserves our best work, that the natural world is a profound storyteller and that it is our job to encourage each other to listen and respond.