In the Spring of 2015, Blue Dot Education incorporated as a nonprofit in San Diego, CA with a mission to do science and science education in the community. Blue Dot Education is the result of over twenty combined years of tinkering and experimentation in the classroom by founders Andrew Lerario and Brian Delgado.


Working along parallel, but distinctly separate tracks, Lerario and Delgado both began to see vastly improved levels of engagement and interest in the sciences among students who were given the chance to ask and explore the very biggest questions: who are we as a species? where do we come from? where did our universe begin and where is it going? what are the biggest issues facing us globally and locally and how might we address them? These big picture questions naturally led into an exploration of physics, astrophysics, rocket science, astronomy, and space science. The synthesis of work in these fields along with a push toward outdoor and adventure pursuits as an access point solidified the Blue Dot ethos of an exploration of the sciences through outdoor, eco-adventure pursuits.


As these ideas were percolating in the classrooms of Delgado and Lerario, Lee Newlin, a business guru and science enthusiast operating out of Las Vegas, NV caught wind of their work happening in San Diego, and realized it had potential to reshape lives while doing the good work of educating the young in STEM early on. Newlin encouraged Delgado and Lerario to take these projects happening in San Diego’s High Tech High and form a non-profit that could support their work in the school as well as work to reach a greater number of people throughout the region. Blue Dot Education was born.


Presently, Blue Dot is focused on developing curriculum and doing research on three separate projects – rocketry, astronomy, and weather balloon science. Additionally, we are working to develop educational programs for the public in naturalist and adventure science as well as an earth and ocean science component. Our future goal is to connect with schools and communities worldwide to support them in developing science based education projects which increase engagement and inspiration around scientific pursuits.