Blue Dot Scholars

The Blue Dot Scholars Program provides micro-grants, scholarships and support to those looking to pursue a learning endeavor as a personal or community venture. Past Blue Dot Scholars have used funds to pursue higher education, organizational development, projects, and adventure science. The bigger, more audacious the idea, the more we are interested in helping.

How to Apply

The application for a grant or scholarship is the beginning of your story. What do you want to do, or learn, and how can we help you? Once approved and funded, we will remain connected and support your learning endeavor in whatever way we can.

Looking to Help?

There are many ways to help. To make learning more equitable and accessible to all, we require resources and funds. With generous donations, we can facilitate their distribution, ensuring transformative and meaningful learning experiences for all scholars. Options are to donate to the program, or specific projects in the works.