Key Contributors and Support

Mr. Lee Newlin (AKA Mr. Big)

Currently residing as our Treasurer, Mr Newlin also serves as our primary benefactor, business guru, key enabler, and overall swell fellow.  Mr. Newlin has been the driving force in the establishment of BDE and continues to support our operations, growth and outreach.

Mr. Theodore J. Griswold, JD

Mr. Griswold has played a key role in providing his legal advice, expertise and services in the establishment of BDE.  Mr Griswold continues to provide legal consultation and representation to support our cause as we grow into a larger entity.

Mr. Thomas Clayton Thomas

Mr. Thomas has been a part of BDE since it’s inception, providing technical expertise and sound advice for all organizational efforts. Mr. Thomas has played an integral role in establishing our online presence and will continue to be a key advisor as we grow.

Ms. Ginger Csizmadi

Ms. Csizmadi provided BDE with accounting support as we became established and will continue to provide expertise as our primary accountant while we grow into a larger organization.