Here, we have assembled some of our favorite articles concerning astronomy. At Blue Dot, we place emphasis on our powers of deduction and what can be learned just by looking up!


The Milky Way – Ever wonder what the center of the Milky Way looks like? Astronomers have taken the first ever x-ray photo of the center of our galaxy! See it here.astronomy

A Dying Star – The European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope in Chili captures images of stars final days. See the images.

Forgotten 19th Century Astronomy Images Found – Wondering how we did do astronomy 120 years ago?

Is the Earth actually two planets? – A new theory suggest the Earth is actually two planets fused together.

Exoplanet Survey – Is the Earth special after all? – New evidence suggests the Earth may really be a unique snowflake within the Universe.

Just some cool photos – Take a look at some of beautiful time lapse pictures taken of the backbone of night.

Sofia Flying Telescope – Astronomy just got a new tool and it has found an exoplanet -the Sofia Flying Telescope.

The Search for a Ninth Planet – Unexplained aberrations in the orbits of Kuiper Belt objects hint at the existence of a ninth planet.

NASA Discovers Colossal Super Spiral Galaxies – These galaxies should not existaccording the the laws of physics, but here they are!

Monster Stars – Astronomers didn’t know that stars could get this big – 100 times the mass of the sun!

Comet to swerve closer to Earth than any other comet in centuries – This year, a green comet will come closer to Earth than any other comet for 250 years.

Watch a real Supernova explosion, not a simulation! – Astronomers have captured a dying star go supernova for the first time.

The James Webb Telescope – Everything you ever wanted to know about the most powerful telescope yet devised by humanity.

Super Galaxies – A new class of galaxy has been discovered – they are absolutely monstrous – and they should not exist.

New Supernova in Galaxy M66 – Check out these photographs of a type II supernova caught by the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS_SN) telescopes.

Einstein Ring Discovered 10 Billion Light Years from Earth – An Einstein Ring is an extremely rare gravitational lens that only occurs when alignment is perfect. See the latest discovered example here.

Earth-like Planet Discovered Orbiting Closest Star – Incredibly, a possibly habitable planet has been discovered orbiting Proxima Centauri, our solar system’s nearest neighbor.

Astronomers Witness Black Hole Collapsing for the First Time – A red supergiant, 20 million light years away, goes dark becoming a black hole.

The Universe has 10 times more galaxies than we thought – New estimates from the Hubble space telescope indicate that there are at least two trillion galaxies.

Looking for Another Blue Dot – Project Blue Dot has just begun a Kickstarter campaign to build a space telescope that will focus on Alpha Centauri looking for another pale blue dot. Let’s wish them luck!

The Search for Planet Nine – This year, we may finally have confirmation that another large planet exists in our solar system. The search is on for planet nine!

A Galaxy is Born – Watch a NASA simulation of the evolution of a galaxy in a short 3 minute video. Fascinating!