Here we have assembled some of our favorite articles concerning astrophysics. New technology has pushed our understanding farther than ever before.

The History of the Universe – A brief 8 minute video where Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the universe in 8 minutes.

Gravitational Waves and Time Travel – Now that we have finally directly detected gravitational waves, what are the implications for time travel?

The Great Attractor – Newly found galaxies could help explain the anomaly that seems to be sucking the Universe into itself.

A Map of the Universe – Squeezed into one tiny spherical image.

New Theory of Time – These theories suggest we may be living in the past of parallel universe. Truly mind-bending!

Are the Constants of Physics Constant? – A discussion addressing the fundamental constants of nature – pondering why are they set the way they are and if they will change over time.

Fast Radio Burst (FRB) traced for first time – This discovery could allow scientists to determine the cause of these mysterious blasts in deep space.

Could Dark Energy Recycle the Universe – A theoretical discussion on dark energy and cosmic inflation and the implications for the big rip, big crunch, and constant dark energy.

LIGO could catch dark matter made of black holes  – The search is on for primordial black holes using the LIGO detector – could this be the ephemeral source of dark matter?

Mysterious Object Ejected from a Black Hole – NASA recently announced a baffling ejection from a black hole. What could this be, and does it fit with our current models of astrophysics?

Dark Matter Detected? – A recent gamma ray signal has the hallmarks of what expected dark matter annihilation would look like, perhaps lending support to the WIMP model.

Type 1A Supernova not the Standard Candle We Thought They Were –  New evidence suggests these eruptions may last longer and burn brighter than we thought.

Gravitational Waves and String Theory  – What implications does the recent observation of gravitational waves have for string theory?

What Does Beauty have to do with Physics? – Scientists are always looking for the most elegant and simple solutions – for aesthetic reasons – but is it OK for the Universe to be a little bit ugly?

Undiscovered Particle May Explain Several Mysteries – We must be missing something. The Universe is expanding too fast, there isn’t enough lithium. Could it be a neutrino we haven’t seen yet?

LIGO More Gravitational Waves – A second detection of gravitational waves comes from LIGO.

Accelerating Universe – Not So Fast! –  New evidence collected from Type 1a Supernova indicates that the Universe may not be accelerating at all.

Is Gravity an Emergent Force of Nature – If gravity is an emergent result of thermodynamics, then the need for dark matter disappears – a new conjecture might be able to confirm this hypothesis. Still, needs a lot of work, but an interesting theory that deserves consideration.