bizarre scienceThere is a lot we don’t know about our universe. Sometimes, we have to come up a crazy hypothesis to explain it. This section is devoted to the bizarre science. Aliens? Really? Well, maybe…

Crazy Hypotheses to explain weird Observations – Sometimes, the explanation is even crazier than the observation.

Faster than light communication? Not so fast – We know that what we do to one entangled particle immediately affects it’s twin. Could this feature be used to communicate faster than light?

Aliens and more – your one stop shop for UFO sightings – Everything that is weird on the Internet can be found here. Don’t forget to put on your tin foil hat before clicking this link!

Extremophiles – Extremophiles have real implications for what life might be like on alien worlds. Check out four of these organisms that live here on earth.

Is the Universe Conscious? – The concept of “panpsychism” is an ancient belief that all religions have in common – that there is a single binding unity behind the diversity in all that exists in the universe. More to the point, does the universe know that it exists? Recent advances in science make this a pertinent question.