Particle Physics

particle physicsHere we have posted some of our favorite articles about particle physics. With the LHC ramping up to 14 TeV these are sure to be exciting times!

Neutrino Flip wins Nobel Prize – The discovery that neutrinos must contain mass has finally turned up contradictions in the Standard Model. This may lead to answer that have been plaguing scientists for decades. Read more here.

Teleportation in Our Time? – Not as kooky as it sounds. Scientists have been inching ever closer to the advent of a “Star Trek”-style transporter. Don’t believe us? Read about it here.

The Quantum Source of Space-Time- A fascinating article describing the latest effort to unite relativity with quantum mechanics. If entanglement is the essence of quantum weirdness some now suspect that it may also be the essence of space-time geometry. Read more here

A New Particle Discovered at the LHC? – While it is too early to say we have made a discovery, there is tantalizing evidence of a new boson at 750 GEv.  What could it be?

Strange Theoretical Particles – Check out this list of weird particles that might actually exist. Then again, they might not.

Potential New Particle Shows up at the LHC – This could be a heavier cousin of the Higgs Boson appearing at 750 GeV, or it could be dark matter. Learn more about what physicists think may be possible candidates.

Evidence for New Higgs Boson grows – Data continues to pour in suggesting a new particle discovery at 750 GeV.

More evidence – Hints of New LHC Particle Get Stronger – Data continues to support evidence for a new particle at 750 GeV, though still not an official discovery yet.

How Do Physicists Know What Electrons Are Doing Inside Matter? They aren’t easy to see, they move extremely fast – how do they know anything about electrons?

Particle Physics: A primer to the theory of (almost) everything –  A brief, but extremely interesting, introduction to everything that is going on in the world of particle physics.

What is this weird signal at 750 GeV? – As evidence continues to suggest there is really something there, the next question occurs – what is it?

New Evidence Could Change Everything we Know About Quantum Mechanics – The de Broglie–Bohm theory is a fully deterministic model of QM that has recently piqued the interest of researchers trying to explain new results of the old double slit experiment.

Has a New Fundamental Force Been Discovered? –  Researchers in Hungary have spotted an anomaly in radioactive decay that could indicate a new force within the realm of particle physics. Additional research is being carried out to confirm these results. Could this be a dark photon?

More News About the Strange Bump at 750 GeV – New data released by CERN strengthens the case for this unexplained particle, and new theories about what it is are produced everyday. This may very well signal the birth of a new era in particle physics. Could this be the end of the Standard Model?

Nothing found at 750 GeV – For all the hype, it turns out the blip seen at 750 GeV was a fluke. No new particle has been discovered at the LHC. While disappointing, this is how real science works.

A Fifth Force of Nature? – Recent news has been reporting an anomaly that appears to indicate that a previously unknown and unanticipated fifth force of nature may exist. What might it be? Is this for real? If true, it could upend our understanding of the Standard Model. Let’s take a closer look.

The Madala Boson – Scientists claim to see evidence of a new boson, dubbed the Madala Boson, from the data provided by the LHC. This boson could finally explain dark matter, if confirmed.

New Model May Solve Five of Physics Most Pressing Questions – A new model developed by Guillermo Ballesteros may solve the Standard Model’s inadequacies with a few tweaks – and it is testable! For the full paper, visit – Unifying inflation with the axion, dark matter, baryogenesis and the seesaw mechanism.

CP Violation Observed – Why does the Universe exist? Physics tells us that matter and antimatter should have been created equally in the Big Bang, but we are here, so clearly the Universe does not work like this. For the first time, CP Violation has been definitively observed.