space-explorationWant to go to space? Have you got what it takes? Here you will discover the latest advances in space exploration. New propulsion systems, theoretical ideas about warp drive, and planned missions to space can all be found here.

So you want to be an astronaut? – Take this test to find out if you have what it takes to be an astronaut. Have you got astronaut skills 

Building a warp drive – In his garage? Real physicist thinks he may have unlocked the secrets of warp technology in his garage. Read about his experiments and watch the video.

The EM Drive – This highly controversial technology has baffled scientists by seemingly defying Newton’s Laws of Motion. Yet every test, so far, indicates that the EM Drive is creating thrust out of microwaves.

Going to the Star – Stephen Hawking wants to use a light sail to go to a star 5 light years away in only 20 years. Interstellar travel within our lifetime is possible!

Mars in Two Days? – A radical new concept could make travel within our solar system quick and easy.

Traveling at 20% the Speed of Light – What kinds of engineering problems will we encounter and need to overcome with the Breakthrough Starshot concept?

Peer Reviewed Paper on EM Drive – It looks like NASA has completed a peer reviewed explanation of the EM drive to be released soon.

Seems the EM drive is legit – After years of study and testing, it appears the EM drive technology is a real thing. Does it defy the laws of physics? Apparently not.