Project Based Learning
Place Based Education

Our team consists of educators with broad backgrounds and diverse skill sets. Combined, we have over 70 years working in the classroom. Through this time, we have developed and refined our expertise in progressive pedagogies, including project-based education, place-based education, and experiential learning.

Whether you or your school are new to these pedagogical approaches, or are looking to accelerate the development and implementation of effective practices, we can help!

How we can help


Our knowledge of PBL and Place Based Education is rooted in many years of experimentation as progressive educators at High Tech High in San Diego.  Our expertise in these approaches comes from both adult learning and experience. Our coaching is not clinical.  We provide guidance along with a framework to build collaborative relationships with our clients that empowers them to develop their own take on these approaches that best serves their school and community.  We are ready to help both in person and virtually.

Pedagogical Accelerator

Visit us in San Diego and immerse as a practitioner, and realize the implications to your growth as an educator. Instead of relying on professional development removed from practice, this coaching experience engages participants as scientists, artists, engineers, and other vital agents operating in real work. Take trips on the ocean studying dolphin, or go on a backpacking excursion as a geological anthropologists, or visit a star party as an astrophotographer.  The options are boundless! Learn by doing!

Project Slices

A project slice is a 1 day immersive activity that gives participants the experience of what it is like to do a project.  Through this hands-on experience, PBL design and facilitation considerations are introduced and unpacked in the context of the work, creating a powerful way to engage in professional development. We have a large repertoire of these project slices to choose from, or if preferred, we can work with your leadership team to design a custom one.