Pedagogy Accelerator

The Blue Dot Education Pedagogy Accelerator Program expedites the development of educators and schools interested in strengthening project-based pedagogies, place-based pedagogies and deeper learning outcomes for their students.

We offer educators the opportunity to immerse themselves as practitioners. Instead of relying on professional development removed from practice, these programs engage participants as scientists, artists, engineers, and other vital agents operating in real work. Take trips on the ocean studying dolphin, or go on a backpacking excursion as a geological anthropologists, or visit a star party as an astrophotographer, capturing the swirl of galaxies through a telescope and camera lens. Learn by doing!

Come to us!

Join us on an experiential learning endeavor in the field of astronomy, ocean studies, photography, rocketry, earth science, or adventure science. Through these excursions, we demonstrate practice-based theory as coaching for pedagogical development.

We'll come to you!

Interested in developing a project or place-based educational experience in your own community? Invite us to come and infuse new approaches into existing curious pursuits, and provide a framework for pedagogical development.

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