Spaceship Earth Project Materials

Intro Docs

“This is what we’re doing.”
Introductory material is provided to students and parents to briefly provide an overview of the project, our goals or essential question(s), and expectations. It should create buy in and establish a vision for our efforts.

Project Card FrontProject Card BackProject Overview

Intro Activity

“This is what it’ll be like.”
The introductory activity serves as a means of providing a base line for the work involved in the project, introducing required skills, understandings and work environment norms. The end product of the intro activity should be reflective of the final project product.

Balsa Rocket 1Balsa Rocket 2Scratch RocketExample Video

Project Work

“This is how we’ll do it.”
Project work documents build structure, including scaffolding details, major benchmarks, guidelines, and support. The goal is that students can self-direct within the provided structure to create personalized beautiful work.

Capstones Ver.1Capstones Ver. 2


“Put your signature on it!”
The final product, typically shared and discussed at a final exhibition, should represent a consummation of the learning experience. Its significance should be shaped by the story of its creation and the learning/growth it demonstrates.

PioneersImagine a SpaceshipWhite Dwarf