Our Approach

Our research and development projects will lead the way for Blue Dot’s student programs. The Blue Dot team is working hard in a few separate areas of science and engineering including rocketry, astronomy, astrophysics, weather balloon science as well as environmental and adventure science. As a community, we are continuously learning and improving our skills in all of these areas. Blue Dot will both be developing media around our work and submitting papers to peer reviewed scientific and educational journals for publishing.

Our student programs will introduce the next generation of scientists to the fields of earth and space science with a holistic focus on developing young people with all the right stuff. Students in our programs will do work that parallels and pushes forward our science and engineering research projects. Blue Dot Education currently offers a summer program in the High Sierra and afterschool programs in rocketry, astronomy, and weather balloon science. Adult learning opportunities and public events will soon be on the menu as well.

Finally, Blue Dot Education will provide science curriculum ideas and consulting to schools worldwide. We have a deep well of knowledge in progressive pedagogies in science, math, engineering and outdoor leadership education.