Blue Dot Education offers after school, holiday and summer programs for youth ages 12 – 17. Blue Dot Education Programs have a focus on doing citizen science in the outdoors. We largely take an Open Architecture approach toward engaging youth in doing science projects. Existing Blue Dot options include Astronomy, Astrophotography, Rocketry, Weather Balloon Science and a variety of Earth, Ocean and Adventure Science options. We are also always open to a student proposing a course of study and building a curriculum around a project or question our students may have.

Our overall educational philosophy mixes quite a few progressive educational approaches. In the end, it is a holistic approach that challenges students intellectually, physically and emotionally. Our goal is for students to gain an appreciation for the scientific process as an investigation into nature while also learning to love the natural environment while pushing their limits physically.

Blue Dot Education offers a High Sierra Science Camp in the summer of 2017. During this high Sierra excursion students will have the opportunity do a focused study in astronomy while visiting California’s High Sierra gems and completing a science projects focused on helping care for the mountain environment and on each individual’s response to operating in a high altitude setting. For more information on pricing, dates and signing up please fill out the attached contact sheet.