Blue Dot’s Earth and Ocean Science Research project focuses on gaining a better understanding of the inner workings of spaceship earth. Our home base in San Diego, CA situates us perfectly to carry out studies of wildly different earth environments. We have access to a large cross-border urban environment, a nearby desert and mountain ecosystem, the Sea of Cortez, the lower Colorado River and the Colorado River Delta, and the Sierra Nevada range.


Blue Dot will act as a storehouse of data that we collect out in the field. The data will be open source with suggested curriculum available to teachers at elementary and secondary schools worldwide.


Our work initially focuses on two area: the water systems near to San Diego and the juxtaposition of a dense urban space with the surrounding natural environment.  Water and access to it is an ongoing issue in the large population centers of southern California. Blue Dot teams will learn more about this issue and provide data for further study. Additionally, we offer support to local park management teams in an effort to help best support the natural spaces.
Outside of the San Diego region, our initial focus is on understanding everything we can about the Sierra Nevada Range and the health of the mountain environment. We are focused on doing exploration based science outings with Blue Dot team members and students.