Blue Dot’s The Weather Balloon project grew out of Brian Delgado’s desire to begin building a more robust space science program within his class at HTH. Delgado was already working with students on light astronomy projects. However, most of the work was entirely too passive. While reading a short article on a group of British students who sent a GoPro to the stratosphere, Delgado immediately realized the potential in teaching science and engineering through this project.


As of June 2016, the team at Blue Dot Education has sent six weather balloons to the stratosphere, successfully recovering five of the packages. A seventh launch is already planned. Several experiments have been put on the packages including an attempt to measure sound intensity and an attempt to measure altitude. A live sourdough bread yeast was also put on one of the packages and successfully re-animated after landing.


The goal of the weather balloon research is twofold. First, Blue Dot will use this project as a means of teaching many fundamental science concepts from the fields of physics, chemistry, geology, and biology as well as concepts from engineering and mathematics in an integrated, project based manner. Second, Blue Dot will use the balloons as a way to do research in atmospheric and planetary science.


Some of the proposed projects include but are not limited to the following:

  • Measuring radiation in the upper atmosphere as a means of studying the magnetosphere
  • Attempting to reach the highest possible altitudes with the balloons
  • Attempting to keep the balloons up for long periods of time and tracking their movement
  • Completing experiments with microbial life in the upper atmosphere
  • Measuring atmospheric conditions from the ground to the flight apex
  • Developing a communications system with the balloon in order to send data and images in real time back to a ground station
  • Developing a means of doing astronomical imaging and data collection from the balloons in the upper atmosphere
  • Developing a platform from which a Rocoon could be launched


Our goal is to be completing a balloon launch each month. By the fall of 2016 we want to begin measuring radiation levels in the upper atmosphere around San Diego County. From there we’ll begin developing a communications system in earnest.


Click on the links below to see a flight report for all weather balloon launches


May, 2014 from Plaster City, CA

June, 2014 from Plaster City, CA

April, 2015 from the La Jolla Glider Port

April, 2016 from the La Jolla Glider Port

May, 2016 from the La Jolla Glider Port

May, 2016 from the La Jolla Glider Port

June, 2016 from South Lake in the High Sierra