We are Blue Dot Education

Blue Dot Education is a San Diego based non profit. Our mission is to do human centered work in education in an effort to create a better and more equitable space for all.

Our Work

Today's students are information rich and experience poor. We provide educational experiences for students so they can make connections between themselves and the world,

bringing meaning and context to their learning.

Our current focus involves a two-rpong approach. One is to provide resources that enable young folks and educators to pursue meaningful learning experiences. The second is to spark discourse and change by creating an example to the world of what learners are capable of when given a personalized and creative space to grow.

The Larger Picture

We believe that a more equitable space for all in education is a move towards decentralized learning. Below, we outline three programs we've designed to achieve this.

1 In our Coaching and Pedagogy Accelerator programs, we demonstrate, offer, or help teachers create educational experiences that provide a framework for pedagogical development. By infusing new approaches into existing practices, we can immediately begin supporting teachers and schools in their service to students and the community.

2 To work towards building a culture of learning beyond schools, our Blue Dot Scholars program provides resources and funding to support teachers, students, and learners in crafting and pursuing their own learning experiences. It is our intention to share the learning happening through this program to help decentralize education, build community, and inspire others to engage in their learning.

3 In our Research and Development program, we continually explore, research and generate opportunities for learning and human development. Through this work, we actively connect with individuals and organizations in the field to create a community fosters the emergence of new educational experiences.

Our History

Our Strategy

Our Team

Our team consists of educators with broad backgrounds and diverse skill sets. Combined, we have over 70 years working in the classroom. Through this time, we have developed and refined our expertise in progressive pedagogies, including project-based education, place-based education, and experiential learning.

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